Post-Secondary & Preparatory Institutions/Education & Training

Preparatory Institutions

Children of the Earth High School

P: 204-589-6383
E: [email protected]

100 Salter Street
Winnipeg , Manitoba Canada
R3E 2S5

The Winnipeg School Division, Children of the Earth High School staff, students, parents, and community collaborate and consult as a team. We are committed to providing culturally-based quality education in an environment that will afford students the opportunity to develop the necessary skills, attitudes, and social behaviours that will help them meet the challenges of life.

Kaakiyow Li Moond Likol

P: 204-582-9579

510 King Street
Winnipeg , Manitoba Canada
R2W 3Z5

Kaakiyow Li Moond Likol is an adult learning centre that offers approved Manitoba curriculum courses to adults so that they can achieve their high school diploma. This is the off-site location of the Winnipeg Adult Learning Centre. Located inside Turtle Island Neighbourhood Centre at 510 King Street, Kaakiyow is a program of the Winnipeg Adult Education Centre. Our school year consists of three 14 week trimesters that run from September-December, December-March and March-June.

Private Institution

Louis Riel Institute

103-150 Henry Avenue
Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada
R3B 0J7

Programs based on Métis culture are combined with learning in a fun environment for the whole family. We offer presentations and training workshops as well as assistance in applying for funding to get your own programs started!

Private Institution

Manitoba First Nations Education Resource Centre Inc. (MFNERC)

P: (204) 594-4267 / (204) 594-1290 MB Toll-Free 1-866-319-4857
E: [email protected]

Head Office 120-200 Alpine Way / Winnipeg Sub-Office 2-1100 Waverley St.
Headingley / Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada
R4H 1C8 / R3T 3X9

Established in 1998 by the Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs, the Manitoba First Nations Education Resource Centre Inc. (MFNERC) provides the province’s leading education, administration, technology, language and culture services to First Nations schools in Manitoba.

Songide’ewin High School

P: 204-582-4577
E: [email protected]

484 Selkirk Ave.
Winnipeg , Manitoba Canada
R2W 2M7

Songide’ewin is an alternative high school education program designed to meet the unique needs, abilities, and personal goals of each student.

Southeast Collegiate

P: 204-261-3551 / 1-833-821-0277
E: [email protected]

1269 Lee Blvd.
Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada
R3T 5W8

Southeast Collegiate is the only school of its kind in all of Canada. It serves as a campus to First Nations students during the school year – educating them in a beautiful school facility and housing them in the adjoining lodge.

Adult Learning Centre – Seven Oaks School Division

P: 204-853-0818

950 Jefferson Ave.
Winnipeg , Manitoba Canada
R2P 1W1

The Seven Oaks Adult Learning Centre offers courses needed to complete a Mature Student Diploma, the regular High School Diploma or to upgrade credits for post-secondary education or work. Courses are offered in the morning, afternoon and evening to allow working students to schedule around their work and family lives. We are committed to helping students learn the study skills and work skills that adults need to succeed in our studies and work place. We offer a friendly, helpful staff in an adult climate.

AEC Daily Online Learning Center

P: 204-589-9852

1747 Main Street
Winnipeg , Manitoba Canada
R2V 1Z6

Adult Education Centres began in 1999 and had its first crop of graduates in 2000. Each year, our centre graduates an average of 75 happy adults who achieve their high school diplomas. Our adult-focused high school helps Manitobans age 19 and older achieve their diplomas or upgrade their credits so they can move on to further education or improved career prospects.

Arts & Technology Centre

P: 204-237-8951

5 deBourmont Ave
Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada
R2J 1J9

Our dedicated staff will provide you with many challenges and opportunities for growth. We are committed to providing students with relevant programs in an environment that encourages strong working relationships with staff—essential ingredients to student success. ATC programs are up-to-date, and based on effective teacher-led instruction. Our programs enable students to begin and, in some cases, complete their post-secondary education while in high school. Many students choose to attend ATC following high school graduation, with most eligible for a significant reduction in tuition fees.

Horizons Learning Centre

P: 204-772-1234
E: [email protected]

Unit G, 431 Thames Ave
Winnipeg , Manitoba Canada
R2L 0V4

Horizons Learning Centre is designed to assist learners in completing their Mature Student High School Diploma, or upgrading in order to gain admission to post-secondary institutions.


P: 204-453-8351
E: [email protected]

1175 Pembina Highway
Winnipeg , Manitoba Canada
R3T 2A5

This is a not-for-profit organization offering three programs, each being supported by different funders. All programs follow criteria approved by each of the funders. Students are taught by Manitoba certified teachers following Manitoba curricula. Staff are dedicated, caring professionals who take pride in working with students to help them achieve their goals. The environment is comfortable, welcoming, relaxed, and technologically equipped. No tuition fees are charged for any of the programs.

R.B. Russell Vocational High School

P: 204-589-5301
E: [email protected]

364 Dufferin Avenue
Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada
R2W 2Y3

R.B. Russell is a vocational high school. The school offers 10 Vocational Programs: Level One Apprenticeship Standing – Culinary Arts, Building Construction, Hairstyling Sr. Years Technology High School Diploma Mature Student Diploma Pre-Industry Training Program Indigenous Leadership Development Institute Construction Program Active Parent/Community Council World Of Work Centre. Cross curricular unit and lesson plan development/ delivery between academic and vocational programs is a priority. Students develop electronic online academic & vocational learning portfolios for self assessment and ongoing learning. Students learn about and plan for the future in regards to work and post-secondary opportunities, including the High School Apprenticeship Program. Aboriginal perspectives are integrated into academic and vocational curricula to strengthen student learning outcomes. Respect/Belonging/Responsibility are the foundation words on which we build our school community. We have an active student voice (council) to build leadership capacity within the student body. Technology is a resource embedded in current curriculum and assessment practices. New technology supports instructional strategies.

St. Norbert Adult Education

P: 204-261-3312
E: [email protected]

Box 250, 35 Avenue de la Digue
Winnipeg , Manitoba Canada
R3V 1M7

St. Norbert Adult Education Centre has a long tradition of academic excellence and has assisted over 300 students in earning their Mature Student High School Diplomas. At the same time, many more students have completed upgrading courses in order to pursue their goal of post- secondary education and training.

Union Gospel Mission – Adult Education

P: 204-586-1416
E: [email protected]

220 Pritchard Avenue
Winnipeg , Manitoba Canada
R2W 2J1

Adults who want to get their high school diploma can take free courses at grade 9-12 levels. To graduate from high school as a mature student, the student must complete four grade 12 courses including 1 English, 1 Math, and 4 other courses at any senior level.

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